Master in Social Work [MSW]

This program offers an advanced opportunity for student looking to contribute to societal welfare by grooming them to become leaders in development, health and welfare sectors. With a mix of theory and practical sessions, knowledge acquiring and sharing, students are fully equipped to tackle real-life social issues and promote societal betterment.
The program consists of social sciences, sociology, psychology, political science, public health, community development, law and economics to solve problems at individual and community levels. Social Work generally focuses on Public Health, Education, Community Development, Family, Rehabilitation and Correction, Women Empowerment.

Features & Highlights Admission Process Prerequisites & Eligibility Syllabus

FY Application Fee ₹ 1000

FY Entrance Exam Fee ₹ 0

FY Academic Fee ₹ 64199

Admission fee breakup is displayed at the College Notice board
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  • First-hand pre-employment exposure through a continuous month-long Block Placement Training.
  • Reinforcing theoretical concepts, the students undertake field work practicum for 15 hours a week.
  • Personal Development of Young Minds under the guidance of professional faculty.
  • Ensuring engagement in Social and Developmental Initiatives during the year.
  • Creating an energetic learning environment through Community Outreach, Workshops, Brain Storming Sessions along with Volunteer Activities.
  • Facilitating target-oriented specializations such as Health and Development (HD); Children Family and Youth(CFY), Community Organization and Community Development (COCD)
    • Admission to this program is merit-based based on the result obtained at Goa University's GU-ART entrance test following any notifications made at the time by the University/Goa Govt/Central Govt.
    • On obtaining the GU-ART the applicants must register for the program by filling up the online application and providing necessary information in the form of data, documents and photographs.
    • On successful verification of the online application a video/telephonic/physical interview will be scheduled and conducted subject to Govt notifications.
    • Based on the verification the applicant will be short listed and intimated of the same.
    • A physical verification of documents will be carried out for which guidelines will be communicated to the applicant accordingly.
    • Student candidacy will be confirmed on full payment of Academic Fee.
    • Applicants who have successfully completing a three year undergraduate program recognized by Goa University are eligible for this Post graduation program.
    Term I
    Course Credits
    Introduction to Social Work: History & Ideology2
    Understanding Society & Social Problems2
    Case Work & Counselling4
    Group Work4
    Concurrent Field Work Practicum4
    Term II
    Course Credits
    Law, Public Policy & Social Work2
    Human Growth & Behaviour2
    Community Organization 4
    Social Welfare Administration2
    Social Work Research2
    Concurrent Field Work Practicum & Rural Camp4
    Semester III
    Course Credits
    Block Placement4
    Social Action, Social Movements, Networking & Advocacy2
    Gender & Equity 2
    Health & Development
    Health Care Social Work Practice I4
    Health Care Social Work Practice II4
    Community Organization & Community Development Practice
    Perspectives On Urban Community Development4
    Perspectives On Rural Community Development4
    Social Work Practice with Children, Family & Youth
    Family Centred Social Work Practice4
    Social Work Practice With Children4
    Specialisation Specific Field Work Practicum & Mandatory Research Proposal4
    Semester IV
    Course Credits
    Dalits, Adivasis & Minorities in India2
    Environmental Studies & Disaster Management 2
    Health & Development
    Health Care Administration & Programming2
    Rehabilitation & After Care Services2
    Community Organization & Community Development Practice
    Perspectives on Tribes & Tribal Development 2
    Social Work Practice with Children, Family & Youth
    Social Work Practice with Youth2
    Social Work in the Field of Education2
    Research Project Dissertation4
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