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Cinematic Showdown At Don Bosco’s Cinemania!

QUICK BITE - The wildly anticipated event of the year, Cinemania, started with a bang at Don Bosco College, Panjim with their Film club, ‘Cinemaniacs,’ organising it for the second time ever.

The wildly anticipated event of the year, Cinemania, started with a bang at Don Bosco College, Panjim with their Film club, ‘Cinemaniacs,’ organising it for the second time ever. The first year’s success definitely helped pave the way for a bigger and grander one this year as it was now upgraded to a 2-day event with various colleges being able to participate as well. This celebration of Cinema was held on the 21st and 22nd of October 2022 and was greatly recognised by students and faculty alike.

The first day was devoted to the inter-department competitions. An obvious upgrade from the previous year, the 2.0 version included a lot more competitions thanks to the effort of the core team headed by the faculty in-charge Asst. Prof. Agnelo D’Souza with the assistance of the student president of the film club, Ms Sakshi Kittur, and the secretary of film club, Ms Sarah Cabral. The hard work truly paid off as the participants were seen enjoying every single competition that they participated in, ranging from ‘Filmy Frames,’ the movie poster-making competition to the genre-themed fashion show. Various on-stage events included the quiz, a crossover scene-building competition, a musical with a twist and so on which were creatively named Blockbuster Quiz, Mismatched, La La Land etc respectively. The off-stage events included just as fun competitions like script writing, prop making etc. The event concluded with the search for who holds the crown of Mr. and Miss Cinemania, followed by a special quiz for the teachers. The overall winners were announced to be the BBA department, namely Team Golmaal 3, and they were applauded with cheers, claps and howls.

The inter-collegiate Cinemania on the second day was just as fun if not more, making a grander level of success with the 7 different colleges that showed up with great enthusiasm. Avid viewers watched as Mr. Rajesh Pednekar, the chief guest of the function, talked about Cinema and the Director of the College, Fr. Joaquim Lobo, gave encouragement to the students. The event which followed consisted of dramatic presentations of retro group dances followed by dance-offs, inter-collegiate quizzes, presentation of a movie scene with a twist in the genre etc. The judge for the retro dance competition was Cecille Rodrigues who did a spectacular job at deciding whose moves and grooves were the best. The off-stage events paved the way to the creativity of the students in the field of cinema as they were told to make comic movie-themed props and short films to be presented later which were judged by Dnyanesh Moghe. The event concluded with the Big Parade and Mr. & Miss Cinemania, judged by Fashion Designer Anusha Shaikh; which was absolutely thrilling. Mr Seefan Shaikh & Ms Ambika Ingle from MES College were adjudged Mr & Ms Cinemania 2022, respectively. Dhempe College, i.e. Team Bajirao Mastani, was crowned as the Overall Champions followed by MES College, i.e. Team Bahubali, as the runners-up and DMC College, i.e. Team Sholay, as the second runners-up. Keen participation on part of the colleges ended up making the event a grand success.

With immense efforts from the faculty and the core team involved in the organisation of this event and the great support and participation from everyone in Don Bosco, this was a great win for the college. With such a successful event, it is evident that the next Cinemania, i.e. the 3.0 version, has a lot of expectations to fulfil to be an even grander and enjoyable event altogether. And it is assured that with the same amount of passion and determination, that goal will be achieved!

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